Need help adjusting my e brake on my wrx 07
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    Need help adjusting my e brake on my wrx 07

    Can somebody tell me how to adjust this please.

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    What you call an "e brake" is what Subaru calls a "parking brake." I am helping on the basis that both you and Subaru will now start calling it a hand brake, like I do. I'll leave contacting Subaru to correct them in your hands.

    The brake is a drum built into the discs. On my early car the Φ of the drum is 170 mm and it uses relatively conventional shoes, like any other drum brake; yours may be larger but in any case, it's just a drum. Shoe clearance can be adjusted but what I can't understand is why you would need to do so -- since it's a separate, albeit integrated, brake, it doesn't wear when the rear disc pads wear.

    Anyway, there is a toothed gear in each parking brake assembly used to adjust shoe clearance. Look at the reverse side of the discs and you should see a small orifice, usually covered with a grommet of some sort. You can adjust shoe clearance by turning the toothed gear "up" until the shoes touch the drum brake, then turning it back down up to 5 teeth to back the shoes off. Repeat on the other side. You can use a screwdriver with a flat but already worn tip (don't use a nice screwdriver, it's a waste).

    For the lever, there is a retaining pin on the adjuster visible when the console cover is removed. Pull the lever a few times with force, and count the clicks. Adjust until there are only 6 clicks needed to achieve hand brake lock.

    Hope this helps, but again, it is odd that you need to do this.
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