2006 WRX TR

I have gotten a hundred different names for this stupid harness but I don't know the right one so I can't buy one...

On my ECM the lower 2 plugs have horribly spliced wires (B135 and B136 I believe)
I just want to replace the whole harness since I'm tired of messing with it but no one can give me the correct name. I've been told main engine harness, bulkhead wiring harness, front engine harness, main harness, and probably a lot more by all the different mechanics who have taken all my money and still failed to diagnose my problem.

Anyone with good '06 knowledge know the name of this stupid thing? My IAT wire coming off the MAF sensor was also cut and spliced but I don't know why.

All of the spliced wires seem to be MAF related.