Hey guys whats up. I havent posted on here in a long time. I used to have a 04 STi about a year an a half ago. Sold it. Now I currently own a 05' WRX AUTO.... Ya kind of a downgrade. ha. But I got a good deal on it so I cant complain. But anyway heres my issue im having. I bought the car about a month ago completely stock. Absolutely no issues with it. Just today I brought it to my local Subaru dealer and I had them install a Invidia Uppipe and Downpipe. I hooked up my new COBB accessport and installed the Stage 2 91 map. I called COBB and asked if It was safe to run stage 2 with just those mods even though the rest of my exhaust is stock and they said that is fine. As long as I have an aftermarket downpipe I can safely run Stage 2. So I left the dealership and drove around and I didnt notice right away but as soon as Im at about 4k RPM accelerating there is a fairly noticeable rattle. It doesnt do it when im at idle and reving the engine. Only when it is under load and at 4k+rpm. the sound seems to be either from the engine bay area or somewhere under the car...So I brought it back to the dealer and the mechanic double checked everything and claims everything is tightened up. I even had him ride with me on a test run to show him the sound and even he seems a little confused and cant pinpoint what it might be. Unfortunately the dealership was closing so I gotta wait until tomorrow to go back and try to figure this out.

On my way home It kind of hit me but I dont know for sure.. What are the chances its my turbo going bad? It wont make the rattle when reving it. It only does it when accelerating hard and at 4k+RPM. even if im cruising at 4500rpm it wont do it but as soon as i hit the gas to put a load on it it will start making that rattle sound. But my boost seems normal and im hitting peak boost arond 15psi andTheres no white smoke coming from the exhaust.. Im just really confused at what this rattle would be. What do you guys think? Would a turbo going bad make a rattle sound like that in these conditions?