This is a part similar, yet different than all the other 100 rough idle threads I've read. Hopefully an electrical guru will be able to help me out..

All was fine... I did some installs (see below), so now my car idles rough when I have the air a/c on sometimes. It idles perfectly without the air on. No performnace issues that I can feel or hear. The boost gauge idles at about -.5bar, and will jump up and back doen during the rough idle, but rpms don't change much. It is not the normal rough idle of a WRX. I have owned this one and another for a combined 7 years. Here is the kicker, it idles fine even with the AC on when the hood is open. This leads me to beleieve I have a grounding issue. I have opened and closed the hood many times to identify what the problem could be, but can't tell. Anybody have any ideas? It also seems to get slightly better after the car warms up. Thank you

Here's what I did prior to this starting... Installs partially done... I think I am impressed - NASIOC