This morning, I started to hear a rattle in the Driver Side Area of my car. It gives a single "knock" intermittently when I am enganging the clutch (usually in the higher gears). And when I am coasting, it makes the same sound, but in a rattle. The sound resembles a hand knocking on a door. It sounds like it is coming from outside the cabin.

Mods include: KB STS, KB Front/Rear Stay Bushings, TiC Pivot Bushing, Front/Rear Strut Tower Braces, Lower Chassis Brace. All bushings were lubricated liberally with a synthetic grease. (Napa's Sil-Glyde)

I suspect three things for now, The Lower Chassis Brace, The KB Front Stay Bushing, and a Plastic Cover on the left Subframe. I tried to reach the chassis brace and give it a pull to see if it was loose or sheared a bolt... nothing wiggled. I guess my best bet is to put it on ramps tonight and take a thorough look at it.

Any other similar situations like this occured? Any speculation or insight before I dive under the vehicle?