(x-post from NASIOC, maybe it'll see some more skilled eyes here).

I got myself a TiC klunk killer package - I can't wait to get it on!

I started tonight, leaving myself a nice 2.5 hour window during which to complete the install, figuring that would be enough even if I ran into trouble.

Little did I know, it was going to take me an hour just to get the damn first nuts off! Everything under my car is covered in rust - my swaybars are getting smaller by the day, the catback is hanging on by a few threads, etc. Oh yeah, and bolts... they are not much more easily removed than welds would be at this point.

Following the directions here: http://turninconcepts.com/instructio...ngs/index.html , I got to step three, where I removed those nuts (which were burning hot with the friction it took to remove). I figured I'd probably be in the clear by then, thinking that the rest can't possibly be worse. After 15 minutes of wd40 and scraping, I finally got the nuts ONTO the threads for those studs. I then started tightening them down (much to the dismay of my muscles), but I only it so far down the stud - one nut rounded to the point where the 12-point end on my wrench won't grip it anymore, and I absolutely gave up on the other one. I have no idea how to continue, as simply trying to run the studs out is an even more impossible task, it would seem.

wtf do I do? I obviously can't drive around like this. I'm going to have to get replacement bolts, nuts, etc. (from the subie dealer I guess?), but how can I possibly remove them from the car as it is now? There's not really enough room to get air tools in there, and besides - I don't have an air supply, let alone those tools. I'm up to work, just not more of this pointless rust-wrangling. I'd really like a step-by-step on how to remove these bolts and studs, and what parts I should replace while I'm there. Some tips on how to continue with the rest of the steps so more crap like this doesn't happen would be wildly appreciated.

Many thanks.