ive got an 09 wrx hatch and got a custom tune via romraider when she was stock. heard a whistling noise and was told by the tuner it was my bov leaking. just recently i installed a perrin front mount and a new bov also an act prolight flywheel with a stage 2 cerametalic 3 puck exedy clutch which im sure is irrelevant to my problem but the intake i installed with my fmic alowed me to hear my turbo and when on excel i can hear the turbo spooling up normal bust at max boost it starts to fludder so i hooked a boost gage up (yes i know i need some guages) the needle bounces from 19 to 24 ish. i heard some things about the boost blowing the spark out so i talked to the ngk specialist and he agreed i needed some new plugs so i went down a heat range from stock and lowered the gap to .025in and then .021 but still no change and i was wondering if anybody was having this same problem