I recently purchased an 05 STi. The fogs wont turn on no matter what I try. I checked the fuse, and it was good, replaced the bulbs so I know they're good. I tried swapping the relay with the ignition relay, and still nothing. The light on the switch is coming on though. I tested the connections at the bulb and there is no voltage getting there. All the info I can find says that these fogs are just plug and play, so I am out of ideas on what else to check. I did notice that my fog housings have 4 wires coming out of each when the bulbs are installed, and everything I am reading makes it sound like there is only two that should be there. There are 2 plugged in and 2 just sitting there. Also, since I swapped the relays, I am now blowing fuses, but I cant seem to locate any short.

Any ideas?