I just rebuilt this car and got the fuel system put in last. I have a turboxs utec computer chip that is unplugged. however...After the fuel injectors, fuel rail, and pump were installed, there were some issues. I had the stock ecu tuned for bigger injectors and the codes were not read and the flashes to the ecu did nothing. The tuner and i kept driving around and it was misfiring and running horribly rich. re re-flashed several times and it was running horribly...shaking the entire car with a different exhaust sound. Then, we were at a red light about to turn...and like the snap of fingers everything started running perfectly we tuned the car and made good power. Then right after the tune finished the car's ce light starts flashing like crazy and the car goes back to running horribly, as if the tune never saved. Took it in to my mechanic to check if it was the plugs. i run 2 steps colder than oem to make power but you have to replace them very often. The mechanic said it wasn't plugs at all but that my oem computer was fried pretty much. so i was wondering if anyone had tuned a turboxs utec chip before and could explain to me if i could just plug that in and tune that to my bigger injectors(rather easily?)