I just got a new clutch, and when I shift from high rpms in any gear, the clutch feels really easy to push in, and sometimes it even sticks like half way pushed in for a couple seconds, then pops back out... any ideas?

Also, I just got a turbo xs fmic, and now when I get on the gas, I hear a weird high pitched "tone". It could be a whistle, but it could also be some sort of actual digital tone... It doesn't change pitch when I go faster or slower, it just come on about 2 secs after i hit the gas, in any gear... any ideas?

ALSO, when I down shift from any gear to any gear, I get some sort of a shudder that last about a sec... and its not a lack of skill or anything, I have had the car for 4 years, and been driving a straight drive all my life, but I have never seen something like that. I figured it might be a tranny mount, but I don't know. Any ideas?

Thanks folks,