So it was the first "cold" (sub 40) start of the year thus far. I started my car and it reved up as usual (not touching gas peddle) then when it dropped back to idle it died. I repeated this 3 times. When it died it sounded like a car does when the fuel is running out. Hitting on the cylinders very slowly and not all of them. As i was on campus and had to get home i started the car again and reved the engine slightly as it started. By doing this i was able to get the car to start and begin driving. While driving i could feel the car hesitating. The one time i put any amount of stress on the motor it hit a wall and seemed like it wasnt getting any fuel. After that i just limped the car home staying out of boost and keeping my rpm as low as i could. The car did manage to go a steady 65 on the highway and when i finally got home i turned it off then restarted it with no problems.

My initial thought is the fuel pump is going or basically gone and the cold just perpetuated the problem. Any argument to this or more likely cases? I plan on getting a fuel pump tomorow and driving the other car for a few days to be safe but want to make sure my thinking is correct/

Thanks for the help