I have 2 issues on my 02 wrx, first off my check engine light keeps coming on and my access port says my coolant temp is to low, its been reading around 150 degrees, yet my temp gauge is just fine and in normal postion, I replaced the thermostat but it did not fix the problem......my second is when I start the car I get a loud ppppsssssshhhhhh sound then the check engine light comes on and the access port says the atmospheric pressure sensor is wigging out.....Any ideas what cause these thing? My rex has as far as upgrades an evo 3 big 16g turbo, headers, up pipe, turbo back exhaust all catless, sti pink 565 cc injectors, walboro 255 lph fuel pump, huge TMIC, cobb short ram intake, dual stage boost controller, access port with pro tune..