I tried posting this up on NASIOC and Iclub but so far I havent gotten any help. So heres the deal; I just picked up an bone stock 06 TR with about 27K on the clock. After driving it for a week I my CEL came on, I scanned the code and got P0442. Checked my gas cap and it was tight but I still took it off and retightened it. I cleared the code using my scanner and after driving a few more times the CEL came back with the same code P0442. So far I replaced the gas cap with another brand new OEM Subaru cap. I have a copy of the 06 FSM and I am using the trouble chart EN(H4DOTC)(diag)214. So next it told me to check the fuel fill seal and it looked ok. I then checked the Purge Control Valve located below the alternator. All the lines were connected and none of them had any leaks. I took it out and used some jumper wire to hook the valve to a 12V source. The valve worked as it should and the air went through when the valve was hooked up to power. The next step was to check the Pressure Control Valve that is located on top of the Evap cannister. I got the valve out and did exactly what I did for the first valve but Im not sure on my results. Ive added a pic that would help out.

With no electrical power hooked up air goes from port 1 to port 2 and no air comes out of port 3. I believe this is what should happen when the valve is not actuated by 12 volts.

Now with electrical power hooked up air still goes from port 1 to port 2. Shouldnt air now go to port 3? I hear a small click so I know the valve is getting power when I jump it but shouldnt the air swap ports after its actuated? Can someone please help me out as I dont want to spend about $125 on a valve that is not bad. Thanks