We are on our fifth Subaru, an '07 Forester XT Sport and lease is up in the next few months, we thought we were going to purchase the car, its a hoot.

About a year ago we noticed that it would smoke quite a bit, only on start up and only after it sits for a few days-on the first day it will smoke heavily, blue/white/gray for about three seconds then clear. The second start of the first day it will smoke less, the third start even less then no smoke until it sits for a while. No mil, no performance issues (though we really would not know), always premium fuel, perhaps some here would say this is the most abused Subaru turbo ever.

The car has about 30k miles, the oil has been changed every 3k with synthetic since the first change at about 100 miles, oil consumption is nil, driving style is so restrained that I would guess most of the members here would take a very very dim view of us, every once in a while we will have a bit of fun, but it is the rare exception, travel is always at or below the limit and boost rarely gets above 10 psi/inches??-we take much more satisfaction in getting 30 mpg than blowing off the punk who has identity issues.

I have searched and really cannot find out just what may be happening so here I am.

Thank you in advance for anyone who posts.