Ok, so I bought a TurboXS CBE. Amazing sounding exhaust if you haven't heard it in person! However, there is a problem. They are notorious for having clearance issues (2010 hatch WRX). So I was proactive about it and went out and got some kartboy hangers. Put two of them on and I am still hitting SOMEWHERE. I put them on the drivers side hangers that are on the muffler (it lowered the entire exhaust, which is why I put them there). I removed the heat shield that runs above the midpipe as per turboxs instructions. Do you guys have any ideas? Also, the hitting is worse when the AC is on and it only hits when I am running in negative boost (not sure what it is called, but basically when you are boosting and let off the gas, that's when it is the worst, also does it when you are coming to a stop in a gear, right before you clutch in). Once I clutch in the noise completely disappears. So it definitely sounds like a back pressure issue of some sort. The hangers did help some, but it is still rather annoying. Thanks in advance guys!