exhaust/boost leak?
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This is a discussion on exhaust/boost leak? within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Hey all, i just did some work on my 02. I did a catless up pipe and down pipe, and ...

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    exhaust/boost leak?

    Hey all, i just did some work on my 02. I did a catless up pipe and down pipe, and put in a new turbo (just a new td04). After the install i figured it would be loud but it seems almost to loud, like a possible exhaust leak. I wouldnt even know where to start looking. The turbo is pretty loud now, but not leaky loud. My g/f says the exhaust sounds almost like a diesel truck

    Any help there?

    ALSO! I just went to an open source tune. While i was getting it done we did a street run to see how everything was. My tune was set up for 18psi and my car was only hitting 14.078. We adjusted the wastegate actuator. Took it back to the garage and my tuner said he thinks its my turbo inlet. We looked it at and there was a tiny little rip, i dont think it was even all the way through the rubber, but he said they are usually worse on the bottom. I was leaking boost, my fuel correction was at 10%, and ever since the up pipe and downpipe install i have been back firing like a mofo. I already ordered the new inlet, but im wondering if you guys think it could be anything else.

    Like could it be a leak from my uppipe or downpipe? Sorry guys im not to good at diagnosing things

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    Exhaust leaks at the up pipe/turbo area sound like wild animal shrieking. At the manifolds it's like put-put-putting, and after the turbo it sounds like a normal exhaust but L O U D E R. Hope this helps. Look for sooty deposits or scalding too.

    The inlet can and does tear. Whether it's you're only problem, you'll best be able to tell once you fix it.
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