I've searched through the forum, plenty of trouble-shooting references for bad CV Joints/Boots and the popping noise while turning that are associated with bad/worn parts.

My problem seems a bit different and I couldn't find a thread to help. So here it goes...

05' WRX 61K Miles

Noticed about a week ago the tell-tale noise of popping/grinding from my passenger front tire area while turning hard left that is associated with a bad CV joint or boot. Only seems to be noticeable when turning left at maxed out steering. I jacked up the car today and here is what I saw.

I checked the outer cv boot (the one closest to the wheel), everything seems fine, no tears in the boot and all clamps look good and tight. No sign of grease splatter in that area. Follow the shaft inwards towards transmission and grease can be found in a light coat the closer I get to the next boot (the one connecting the shaft and the green cylinder that connects to the transmission. (sorry about my inability with technical names...still a noob.) The inner most boot appears and feels fine with no visible tears. What I did find was the small metal clamp that holds the smaller portion of the boot to the shaft has a bulge in a portion of it. I grabbed that portion of the boot and with little effort can pull it up and down on the shaft. I am assuming this is far from normal. There is also quite a bit of grease build up around where I'm assuming the clamp should be sealing the boot onto the shaft tightly. The underside of my transmission housing also has a layer of black grease on it.

So here are my questions...

Is there a way that I can get the small clamp to hold tightly, could I just use pliers to squeeze the bulged portion back down?

If so what about all the grease that has been expelled from the boot? Wouldn't this need replacing to keep things nice and lubed up?

Or should I just replace the clamp? Anything else I should be looking to replace as well?

I still don't understand why this problem would cause the clicking noise that is associated with bad CV Joints.

Sorry about the rambling, I'm dirty, sweaty and rather irritated my DD is now sitting in my driveway jacked up until I can problem solve this stupid issue. Thanks for any answers and advice.