i have a 2004 wrx 2.0 turbo automatic 100% stock. no take off power but once i get to 3500rmp its better but not perfect

i have a 150 computer that hooks up to the DLC and gives me live data. when i am at idle the throttle position sensor says 10% and when im at wide open throttle it says 85%. my tps and wiring to the computer are good.what does not make sence to me is if the computer sees 10% at no throttle shouldnt i have a high idle?

i have a 02 manual trans 2.0 turbo 100% stock and when i do the same test at no throttle it says 0% and wide open throttle it says 100%

so i put a computer from a manual trans 04 into my automatic trans 04 i got the same reading (10% and 80%)

anyone have any insight?