Okay.. I just recently purchased a 2007 Sti, and about 2 weeks after I bought it i was checking the coolant level on the overflow tank and it was extremely low. I contacted the dealership and dropped the car off because he informed me it was filled and checked when I bought it and to bring the car in.

The problem: one of subaru's original hoses is a little too long and it wasn't sucking the coolant so it was bubbling out of my overflow tank?? (I haven't any idea about the cooling system at all so these were his words from what I comprehended).

The Fix: He cut down the hose by 1 inch and cleaned it...??

Keep in mind this is at a Subaru dealership, with Subaru mechanics, but for some reason this doesn't really make sense to me...Does it make sense to anyone else....? (I've searched the internet to find nothing on this subject.)