please... its a 2010 wrx i have 1300 miles i know i know i should have waited more time.. i have a Perrin top mount, a Cobb tuning, turbo xs BOV, a turbo xs boost controller, and a boost gauge. i went to the 1/8th drag strip and i dumped the exhaust and took off the intake filter from the stock intake. it ran with no probs at all at the track couldn't be better..

on the way home tho i was driving easily on 5th gear and i just pushed the gas a bit and it felt like it hit a really really quick fuel cut (im not saying thats what it was i was just saying thats what it felt like) and i didn't get a check engine light or anything when i got off the exit i noticed the boost gauge didn't move from 0 unless i punched it it would only very slowly go to like 3pbs and then just go to 0 and my bov would not go off ether another thing i noticed was a really weird noise coming from like the right front side in the engine... u could hear it inside and outside the car pretty good.

please if anyone has any idea what it can be please help me!!!!