We got a code P0457.. over
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This is a discussion on We got a code P0457.. over within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Hey so my 02 WRX is throwing a check engine light and the following code comes up P0457 the code ...

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    Question We got a code P0457.. over

    Hey so my 02 WRX is throwing a check engine light and the following code comes up P0457 the code is defined as Loose or faulty fuel cap, (re tightened it till clicks idk how many times and bought a brand new fuel cap cleared the code 3 days later came back again) the code also says Faulty EVAP system hose, Faulty Purge Solenoid, or Faulty vent solenoid. Now my question is if anyone one else had this code and what was wrong with theirs, im just trying to get an idea if its something i can fix i rather get to it rather than take it in. The car isnt idleing funny or weird i havent noticed any loss of power or fumes or anything, what can the problem be? Where should I start checking first?

    Thx in advance everyone!

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    i dont remember the code i kept getting but it said i had an evap leak (possibly a loose gas cap). I would tighten my cap, and clear the code. It happened every couple weeks so i started carrying my obd reader in my glove box. After reading your thread, i havent seen my check engine light for that in a long time, just went away on my end.
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    At the rear of the car on the underside you can get a glimpse of the canister, hosing, and there is also a wire harness. Sometimes the harness clip traps moisture and it may corrode. Check all that. Search around because I think there are how-to threads or at least more specific descriptions around.
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    Is it a new Subaru OEM gas cap? I have seen aftermarket ones throw this code...If your 100% sure its not the fuel cap, heres what I would do...do a through visual inspection of all the EVAP lines, if nothing comes up there...plug in the green PDI connectors under the dash and you should hear the canister vent solenoid clicking on and off, if you hear that, go back unplug the PDI connectors and if you have the means smoke test the system.....

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