As some of you know, I broke a hard oil line on my 2002 WRX three weeks ago.

I replaced the line, then the oil line bolt and turbo housing got stripped.

week two I got new bolt and helicoiled the housing. Same day I broke the oil line bolt

This is the third week the car has been sitting in the garage. I got the bolt today and installed.

I have a slight leak where the bolt and washers go into the housing.

causing it to smoke:

YouTube - Wrx smoke

I took the car out down teh road from my house and noticed the car will not go over 3000RPM and now I hear the turbine making a loud squeal. Im guessing it is the turbine.

If I am wrong I took a video of the sound. COuld you tell me what this could be?

Thank you.

YouTube - Wrx turbine

Also has a SRS down pipe just installed while car was down for 3 weeks no tune yet