Hey Guys,

I have an 03 WRX Sedan with a little over 100K on it. Havn't really had any issues with it, but, recently i started hearing a loud noise when accelerating. If I'm coasting or decelerating it's fine. I can even go easy on the throttle and avoid it all together (But who wants to do that right???). But when i push it and it's putting out alot of torque, i can hear/feel a loud clunking sound from right under the floor. It's hard to explain, but, it would be like running a stick across a rod iron fence. It's repetitive and it continues for as long as i hold the throttle. I'm open to any suggestions.

P.S. I just replaced the front pass. axle. The cv boot was torn and i hoped replacing it would stop the noise, but, it continues... The driver side axle seems fine, but, maybe that's it??? I was thinking either that or maybe the connector to the drive shaft?