So due to some clever (read: stupid) Deer dodging driving...

I've successfully ran my '04 WRX into and out of a pretty good sized ditch. At first the only damage noticeable was the front corner around the fog light was all cracked up. I knew there had to be more damage because it was a pretty hard hit. Now I have noticed that the rear passenger side floor has been dented up into the cabin, and it seems as if the gas tank which is located under the rear passenger seat also has a slight dent.

(I'm not sure if its related or due to some brake work I recently had done, but my rear driver side break lines apparently are collapsing causing the break not to release completely resulting in some bad gas mileage and extra heat & odor coming from the wheel following driving)

My question is: How eff'd up is this? Are these things that can be fixed or would this fall under frame damage and result in it being considered totalled?

It hasn't been looked at by a body shop yet and drives perfectly fine.

Shoulda hit the deer.