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This is a discussion on wrx 09 questions within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; About 6 months ago I purchased a wrx 09. This was my first ever manual car. I pretty much learned ...

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    wrx 09 questions

    About 6 months ago I purchased a wrx 09. This was my first ever manual car. I pretty much learned to drive stick on it.

    However, I am unsure if I am driving it properly. Sometimes when I drive it, it almost smells a bit like I am burning the clutch. I don't drive it hard, I tend to shift around 2.5-3K rpms. The only thing I can think of is I stay on the clutch too long. I tend to ease it into gear (as I was taught to slowly come off the clutch). If I come off too quickly, the car jerks.

    I only have about 6K miles on it so far, but driving it today it smelled like the clutch was burning. Am I just driving it wrong, or is it possible something is wrong with my clutch? It isn't a horrid smell (burned it once when learning on a hill), it is more of a faint smell. It almost smells like a walnut smell (maybe it isn't the clutch??).

    I guess I am just looking for advice. Does it sound like I am just staying on the clutch too long or might there be something wrong with my car that I need to take it in to get it checked out? When shifting, I usually ease it to the catch point and once I fell it grip i take the foot off quicker.

    I also noticed this:
    09 wrx clutch problems!

    Which makes me think maybe I have a faulty clutch?? I don't know.

    Any advice would be useful.

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    It's hard to diagnose your manual ability via the internet, might be worth while having a friend or family member come for a ride along. Start with a cold car, let them drive first and see what happens. Try to replicate your daily commute or typical drive etc... Then it's your turn to take over and see if they have any pointers.

    The WRX transmission isn't a hard one to learn or drive per say, but after driving my 4runner for the first time in months I realized how much easier the 4runner is to drive.
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