I have a 2001 Bugeye WRX. (Stock) engine rebuilt and now there is a massive loss of power.

Compression 8.0 to 1 Now.

I can feel some boost but it is very little.

I have replaced the turbo inlet pipe with a APS pipe as the original was damaged. The turbo was overhauled even though it was never faulty The Y-pipe intercooler and Dump valve have been pressure tested. The boost pipes have been replaced including the restrictor pill and the layout of the pipes confirmed as correct. Subaru South Africa have checked the ECU and all is in order (No limp mode or fault codes) All settings are in spec. The car has been driven without the exhaust from the downpipe to check if it was blocked and it is the same. The boost control solenoid was cleaned out with carb cleaner as suggested on various forums. The valve timing has been checked and re checked. The car can be started from standing outside without depressing the throttle. I had a fuel leak which was corrected and i have replaced the fuel filter. I have also put on an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator and it is set to the factory specs.

A VW Polo 1.9 turbo diesel runs away from me as well as a Daewoo Nabura stationwagon (Old spec opel engines) to name but a few. My friends Mazda Mx-6 is faster than mine and his vehicle is also stock.

This fault finding procedure has cost an absolute fortune and i am getting P*** O** now. It seems to be a bottomless pit.

I hope there is someone out there that can help