Need some help with my jammed glove box
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    Need some help with my jammed glove box

    So my glove box is usually a pain in the ass to begin with, whenever locking and unlocking with the key. It usually doesn't turn very well trying to lock or unlock it. So I have to wiggle it around a little and switch the key sides around until it decides to turn.

    I am quite use to this inconvenience but today I put some cash in the glove box and locked it for safe keeping while around town. I come back later to get it out, so I turn the key and it unlocks fine. Go to pull the latch and I get nothing. I turn the key back to the lock position and unlock it and try again. No dice. I give it a little force and accidently pop the left side of the latch's plastic.

    Since I already broke a piece of the latch I decided to tinker a little more. I popped off the square cover to the lock which allowed me to remove the rest of the handle. I been looking for places to manually open it and can only find a small paper clip like wire to push up. I been pushing it up but still catch seemed to open it.

    I guess there is a possibility that I shut the box and some paper got smashed down between the connecting piece.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    I also need to know which way (vertical or horizontal) the key hole should be when the glove box is unlock? I don't want to try and force this thing with it being lock.

    Thanks in advance for any advice I can get.

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    I believe vertical is the appropriate direction for unlocked. Try adjusting the depth of the while turning it. As I don't think the tumblers use the whole key (don't quote me).

    I've seen billet aluminum replacement handles if you broke the plastic one that are etched and look pretty nice.

    My recommendation would be to have a locksmith or the dealership unlock it then replace the assembly with an OEM. The dealer can key it the same for you and you can put it in. It's only a few screws and plastic panels.

    You "could" force something in there and try to force the latch to the side but you'll just scratch up the plastic and be more angry later.

    Hope that helps!
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