changing clutch fluid
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This is a discussion on changing clutch fluid within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; I've got an 03 wagon with 95,000 on it, and have had it for two months now. I figure the ...

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    changing clutch fluid

    I've got an 03 wagon with 95,000 on it, and have had it for two months now. I figure the clutch fluid has never been changed out. I searched the forums but didn't really find the info I need. Could someone explain the proper way of installing new fluid? Do I need a hand cyphon? Do I need to bleed it? Is it a two person job? All these questions and more!!! Anyway, thanks for helping my wagon.

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    You have at least three options. I'll list them in order of complexity:

    1. Forget it.

    2. Use a syringe or turkey baster to remove some fluid from the reservoir, being careful not to remove too much so as not to introduce air into the system. Repeat once a week for a month. Then forget it.

    3. If you can access the bleed screw on the master cyl without removing the IC, great. Otherwise remove the IC, attach a drain tube to the bleeder, dress the entire area with rags, and have a second person work the pedal from inside the car for you. Depress the pedal, open the air bleeded for 1 or 2 seconds, close the air bleeder, release the pedal slowly, and repeat.

    Options 1 and 2 are IMO probably most popular.
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    option 1 is my favorite...

    I would be more concerned with break fluid first...
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    I found out the hard way that our clutch slaves are a total pain to bleed. Probally because it's lower than the resivoir. Working at a race school I've probally bleed 40 clutch and brake resivoirs in a day and I NEVER had the problems I had with the WRX. I finally had to pull the IC and unbolt the slave from the tranny and raise it above the resivoir to get a good bleed out of it. Wish I would have just left.. So I'd either go with the leave it option or the turkey baster...

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