driveshaft cover ??
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    driveshaft cover ??

    Ok I bought a invidia g200 tbe and I have had this problem since I put it on
    There is a cover that goes over the driveshaft towards the rear of the car and
    My exhaust is hitting it causing a rattle I was wondering if I could just remove
    It without causing any problems or what your advice would be to to thanks any
    Help would greatly be appreciated

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    I'm assuming your talking about the cover at the rear of the driveshaft back by the rear diff?..That little cover..I believe its like 6 or 8 14mm bolts...they can be a PITA to get out all rusted and whatnot..anyways..Some Subarus have them and others don't...Personally I wouldn't think there would be a problem in just pulling it off....

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    Without a picture, I'm just guessing... but it sounds like you have the OEM rear diff. cover installed. And those have issues rubbing when you swap the OEM exhaust out for a performance, 3" piping exhaust. You could just remove the rear diff. cover and be fine or maybe get a nice 2.5" exhaust.
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    Just take the rear differential cover off.

    It's also possible to grind down the area of the cover that's impacting the exhaust. It'd be a little more work, but you'd be able to protect your rear differential from low flying rocks and ... debris?... if that's a problem in your area.

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