Hey how is everyone.. i'm a USAF Airman serving in England. I recently acquired a J-Spec Impreza ('94) and am having a few problems.. First off, my car stumbles pretty badly. I'm not sure why but when i'm in any gear and around 2K rpms the car stumbles. Inside the ****pit, i can hear a few clicks from the speedometer and the "overheat" light flashes with the clicks. I put a new air filter in, got new plugs and wires, but haven't installed them.. any ideas? Secondly there is a some kind of rattle coming from the engine bay. its on the right side of the car (driver's side in europe, passenger side in the states) i can see the heat shield thats rattling, but don't know what to do about it. Its coming from right below the left side of the engine, underneath the airbox at the bottom.. once again... any ideas? any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance..

A1C Smith