Rallispec doesn't replace the bearings. I'm guessing they only warrant the build and gearset. They don't put bearings in to keep costs down. I'm thinking they should since they don't know how badly the prior owner of a trans beat on their car. Anywho, since I put the trans in, I'm guessing that's why I'm paying labor. It's not like I'm going to Fred Beans and having them fix a stock trans. They build rally cars, transmissions, and other things that people buy with the intentions of racing. So I can understand why they don't want to give me free labor.

I would imagine rallispec does a thorough inspection of everything, including the bearings, before they put it all together. Jordi told me they have no real way of telling if a bearing is good or bad, other than to spin it and feel for roughness. So since there are 16 bearings in the trans, they reuse em to keep costs down. From my conversations with Jordi, this doesn't seem to be a very frequent problem. And even after this mishap, I still believe they do good work.

I was told the labor will be at a reduced rate since I've only had it for 6 months. We'll see. Parts Are on me.