I just want to say hi and see if i could get a little help or some suggestions.

First off the car is all stock No engine modifications what so ever, But it does have a NEW engine from East Valley in Kent, WA and exedy stage 2 clutch kit.

2k miles on new engine

About a week after I purchased this car I got a CEL. I got the code pulled and it was cyclinder 2 misfire.

I changed the plugs with NGK's. CEL went away...

Few days later CEL again.. Same issues. Took it into subaru dealership and they told me it was a bad O2 Sensor.

Replaced that bad O2 Sensor with a Bosch o2 sensor.

CEL went away again.

But it is back!! So frustrating.

The engine idles at 500 RPM and idles pretty rough. I am hoping this can just be a easy fix sense I dont have a lot of money. I can do most of the work my self but these motors are extremely new to me and I know nothing about them. I am used to working on my RX7.

Please any advise and/or suggestions are welcomed.