Hey guys, first I just want to say you all have been awesome at helping out on so many tricky problems so I thought I'd bring another one to the table. For the past few months I have been having a squeaking and creaking noise coming out of my car whenever I turn the wheel. Just recently it has become noticeably louder. here are the symptoms and what I know so far
1. It isn't a whining like a pump
or anything
2. It is not dependent on the car being on so
I'm thinking it has to be mechanical
3. If you move the wheel back and forth,
even slightly, it sounds as if someone
is moving around on an old squeaky bed
4. It only happens when there is weight on
the wheels
If anyone has had this problem or know of someone who has and could give me a little insight as to what it is/what to do I'd be greatly appreciative. Thanks guys,