ok so i was washing my car the other day and after cleaning the inside with the radio on i try to start my car but it wouldnt turn over. i only had the radio on for 20 min at most. all the lights alarm horn worked just would not turn over. i tryed jumping it but still it would not turn over. so i just figured that the battery was done. i go and get a new one put it in and it didnt turn over right away but then it worked fine. then my speakers are making a noise that is driving me crazy. it doesnt go with the rpm it is just a constant buzzing like sound. i have a after market head unit but i have had it in for 2 months and no problems just started after i replaced the battery. so i go out of town for a week and now my car is dead again i have checked everything tht i can see. no fuses all the grounds that i can see i dont know what i should do or what else to check