Ok hey guy i got another question i am getting ready to upgrade my exhaust system and am trying to save some money but dont want to run into emission problems later ok so here is the situation. i want to get a invidia Turbo Back i am thinking i will go with the N1 cat back however i dont know witch downpipe to go with. i want to get the cattles DP because it is $250 less than the catted one but i also dont want to have probs with the emissions i live in COLORADO and just wanted to ask if i culd pass without itor do they actually look for the cat. if not let me know so i know to save up the extra cash so i dont have to deal with all the trouble. THANKS guys also in the futer i will be getting headers and an uppipe will this also effect it or is it mainly the DP
oh and its an 05 STI thanks GUYS