Hello helpful people!

I live in central florida, land of the over popular rat, hot, humid days and breezeless summer days, and lately home of the A/C less car owner.

I have a slow leak over a couple of days and after looking at everything else, hunting for dye, replacing the low line on a suspected leak, we are now suspecting the Evaporator.

Replacing this is no small feat and as always I have hit a snag which will likely bump me beyond my timeline. . .causing more problems.

I am hoping your expierence will help me figure out the future direction of this endevor.

I have ripped out a large part of the interior, center console, radio and surrounding housing, lower portions of the dash, Center A/C vents. . .and unplugged as needed along the way.

1) how much do I need to have on if I were to drive it disassembled?

I dont have the part yet and would like to keep as much off as I can assuming I find the fricking thing and see dye!!

Another question:
2) The ODB-II connector does not want to leave its housing or I do not know how to get it off. I have pictures but have no ideas and those I have tried have not worked.

I removed some white piece of plastic that looked necessary to remove prior to doing this but it didnt do much. THere are four things that look like they go in. I also suspect that this plug is likely to be pulled out towards the wires to come off and should be taken and undone from the back.

Here is a Pic of what I have thought was the most likely way to take it out:

That said I have not been successful and I have killed copious amounts of time trying. Is this right? Anyone have any suggestions on how to get it out. it is always the stupid plastic clips and connectors that cause me the most pain!!!

Then I have one last hang up ( for now).
3) The front of the instrument panel shows the defroster panel. is that just more plastic clips and I should give it a good yank or two? Anyone have any tactics for taking off plastic clips except for light yanks. . .I busted one so far.

Thanks for any help you can provide.