Hey all, need some help.

Heres the deal. Got an 02 bugeye. Last weekend, made the mistake of having my friend DD using my car. Somehow, during the course of the night, the lock cylinder on the drivers side got pushed inside the door panel. I don't know what happened, either someone was trying to break in or my friend doesn't know how to use keys, but i digress. I can still open the door and it will lock and unlock with the remote, but the lock cylinder itself is just floating loose inside the door. I pried part of the door card enough to see if i could reset it or put it back where it belonged and it turns out that i am missing one of the bolts that holds the lock mechanism to the frame/handle assembly. From what i can see, it looks like this is only going to be fixable by getting inside the door.

Does anyone have any suggestions? If i have to take the door panel off, are there instructions somewhere i can cheat off of? Is there an easier way to fix it? And while i'm at it, what size bolt would that be?

Thanks in advance.