from what i know i have no boost leaks although the pipes coming from the bov ar making a hissing sound but have always done this.
my car is a wrx wagon 1995 model modifications as follows:
cat back s/s exhaust (scorpion)
hks mushroom filter
u8 ecu for the td05 mines is waiting for the td05 to be installed
i still had the same problem before i changed the ecu i have also changed the following:
maf sensor
coolant temp sensor
idle control valve
boost solenoid ( 3 times )
fan switch
spark plugs (this morning)
car was running at full boost ( 0.8 bar ) after changing the spark plugs after reseting the ecu but ran on full boost for about 20 miles as opposed to the usual 10 minutes i have noticed that the boost cut comes in mostly when the car is under load eg: when going up a hill in 3rd gear at 2500 rpm with gradual throttle , at first i thought about detonation or pre-ignition when under load but the old spark plugs colour was in really good condition and i dont get any codes for the knock sensor and u cant hear it pinging either it runs as sweet as a nut on and off boost cut no missfires when full boost no missfires in safe mode either. the boost just drops from 0.8 to 0.5 whenever it feels like it and it is definately not overboosting and my solenoid is plumbed in correctly with no oil coming from the compressor housing through the tube and engine oil is at the half way mark , i also use BP102 ( bp's new 102 octane fuel) so its defo not bad fuel it also does this with optimax , vpower , and bp102 and bp ultimate
sorry for the long post guys , am sure it will make an interesting read cheers guys