I bought his problems!
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This is a discussion on I bought his problems! within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Not really but the CEL light is on and I brought it to AutoZone and the kid said it was ...

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    I bought his problems!

    Not really but the CEL light is on and I brought it to AutoZone and the kid said it was code PO171
    BB1.- Faulty MAF sensor
    BB2.- Large vacuum leak
    BB3.- Low fuel pressure
    BB4.- Plugged injector or cylinder misfire

    The car came with a non-expensive intake that was already installed. Coulf he have messed up the MAF??

    Code PO133
    BB1.- A/F ratio concern-rich or lean
    BB2.- HO2S heater fault
    BB3.- Faulty HO2S

    What did I buy?? I got spark plugs before I got the CEL looked at and am about to change them this week, anxious to see what they look like. The car is running lean that pisses me off, and every now and then there is a slight hesitation at low low RPM where it bucks/studders. I have a 2005 with about 75,000 miles and am performing the 60,000 mile tune up, because I didnt know the last owner. And the tranny fluid looked clean and the rear diff looked DIRTY!!!

    Brings me to my next, FUEL FILTER in the fuel tank WTF??????
    Can someone help me with this? I am going to contact Subaru and see how much that will cost me, I had an 04 and the fuel filter right on top like 15 bucks to change.

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    the aftermarket intake could definately throw the P0171..Personally I recommend getting a tune for the intake or pulling the intake off and replacing with the stock air box. It prob couldn't hurt at this point to shoot the MAF with some sensor safe cleaner fore who knows if that intake was oiled or not ( it could get gummed up a little on the sensor). As for the P0133 is there anything done to the exhaust system at all? (modifications?) 8 out of 10 times I experience this code (P0133) on a stock exhaust subaru the 02 sensor is usually lazy and requires replacement.. ..As I said though before you go chasing the P0133 I would take care of the intake as i mentioned..It prob couldn't hurt either to go around to all intake clamps while your there and make sure everything is tight and installed properly...Yes Subaru, starting in 2005 started putting the Fuel filter in the tank as part of the pump assembley (some early 2005's i belive still had the little filter by the drivers side strut tower). I will say one more thing...It is possible that all the problems your experiencing may be related to the aftermarket intake....
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