02 wrx Stall when shifting
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    02 wrx Stall when shifting

    Hey guys

    I have a 02 wrx it is almost all stock. it has an aem CAI (it was installed befor i got the car) and turbotimer. Its got 103,000 miles on it.

    Heres my deal, lately it has been Idling low 500-550rpms (on the tach) and the car shakes a little, I dont remember it always doing that... almost like a vac leak, i could not find any

    The other day, I was shifting from 2nd to 3rd and when my boost maxed i lost all power and stalled out. I could not start it with the key, or by droping the clutch, 10 seconds later and it started fine. NEVER HAPPENED BEFOR! I changed the sparkplugs (i was planning on doing it anyways). 2 days ago getting on the freway, 2nd to 3rd killed it. I left the clutch in and 3-4 seconds it was running again. yesterday I was getting on a highway, and 1st to 2nd killed it ( I was able to get it going again) and then went easy on the car and everything was fine.

    I can floor it in any gear and its fine, I went 110 on the freeway (at night with no cars around) Fine!

    Its almost like the fuel is shuting off...

    No CEL lights, however a month ago I had a p0303 <??sp (Cyl 3 misfire) I reset the code, changed the plugs every thing was fine till this last week...

    anything helps guys, thanks!!- Ian

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    The tach begins at 500 rpm so it's unlikely IMO you're idling there unless you do not see the needle move when the car is started.

    What happens when you use the correct Subaru intake?
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    Ha, Good call!!! EDIT- Car Idles at 700rpms Lets just forget I even said that, It must be Idling fine rpm wise, but it still shakes more then usual. I guess that is why I even said anything bout the rpms.

    The major problem with the car stalling... I almost got in a wreck! I just baby it now for fear of this happening again.

    Any chance the boost spikes and triggers a fuel cutoff?

    I dont have the Subaru intake, It came with out it. only the AEM one with the airfilter by the right fog light. I have owned this car for 2 years now, and had no issues when i take off hard. All the way to 5th with no problems. I used to be able to shift a 5-6000 on a really hard take off. now If i shif at 4500rpms it WILL die!
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