Sup all. Quick question. I've got an 07 STI and i'm putting on a new downpipe. Obviously a cat will be deleted and the lovely CEL will be coming as did my old 04 rex when I put a DP on that. With that one I used a resistor in the downstream o2 of course, and the light NEVER came back on, but I just recently found out that the company (pony express I think) went out of business or something. Basically i'm just trying to figure out if I should wire in another resistor like my 04 or if theres a better mechanical fix that would be better, and wouldn't affect AFR values much. I've seen the fix for when you do an uppipe and doing a 2.2 kohm resister 1/2 watt and everything, but thats for the EGT code. I don't think I need to do that procedure right now since i'm not doing an uppipe. So mechanical or electrical is the question, and if so please point me to a good detailed procedure. thanks in advance guys. I just can't look at that CEL it makes me want to vomit.

oh and i just found what seems to be a decent o2 simulator. Its by OBX. OBX Mil Elimnator its like $45 bucks, and it looks like it does the same thing as the spark arrestor where it just raises the o2 sensor out of direct contact of the exhause gases. It looks pretty good but has anyone with an STI had success with this one?