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This is a discussion on Overboosting =( within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; ok so i got my part in yesterday and installed it with no problem other than a few minor burns ...

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    ok so i got my part in yesterday and installed it with no problem other than a few minor burns from the engine lol....as im boosting, the gauge shows that im running full boost but then when the engines starts to rev a little higher the boost drops a bit is that normal or no?? sorry for all the questions this is my first subbie

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    Sounds like you got it right. It should taper off a little bit. It'll hold in your higher gears (like 3rd and up). Amazing what a little bronze pill will do!
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    Since you're in the Chicago area, I HIGHLY recommend the Subbie dealership in Merrillville, IN(1 hour away). Just ask for Frank. They are very mod friendly. My friend has had a transmission fixed ($$$) under warranty with stage 2 mods no problem. If you ever plan on mods (non SPT), these guys are the best! Those Chicago ones will just say your car is VOID VOID VOID!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truckster27 View Post
    Should be a no-brainer as to where it goes if the hoses are stock....theres a yellow/gold dot on the hose to show location If you don't have one on yours, just get the assembly pictured above for like $15 more. Then just plug and go!

    A prime example of a dealership where the parts guy has absolutly NO idea what the heck hes talking about....first, he tells you its an "aftermarket part", then he says "oh yeah, I know THAT pill", then he says "I don't know where it goes" considering if he just plugged it into his computer, the subaru database WILL spit out a picture with part #'s. And a breakdown of the layout. Just lazy, IMO.

    Good luck with your parts man!
    I would like to thank you guys so much!!! this is definately the best thread for what I am looking for! my stock 02 wrx has the same problem and all any one talks about is it not being stock... it IS!!! lol I have heard that if this doesnt fix my problem I will need a new BCS. do I have to pay $240 to get from the dealer(canada eh :P) or is there an aftermarket one that I can put on for much less that will be the same? My Cobb AP tells me that I boost around 21PSI both with stock map and stage 1. Your input would be great., thanks

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