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This is a discussion on Opinions wated - where to service within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; 02 wrx, 52K miles, finally got my coolant leak. I knew it was coming, just one of those MY02 things ...

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    Opinions wated - where to service

    02 wrx, 52K miles, finally got my coolant leak. I knew it was coming, just one of those MY02 things from what I've read.

    So I pressure tested (fine) and replaced the cap, but the leak continues. I'm getting a little bit on the bumper guard below the plastic reservoir, but I don't see a crack anywhere on it. I can see the rest of the fluid leaking out the bottom about mid-engine compartment, but I don't see any visible issues on the rad. Seems a common issue in this MY is close to the heater core, but I'm not going tinkering around there (not a wrench here).


    I have a local shop that's done a few things for me (smaller issues, great place and I've had nothing but luck there). I use that as an option because the local dealership is 40 miles away and always turns out to be a 4 or 6 hour event for almost anything. Nice people, but painfully slow.

    So...do I drop it off at the local shop and let them have a look, or do I waste a whole day (at least) at the dealership?


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    Check your hoses for leaks mine leaked right at the bend on the upper rad hoses during a hot summer day down the beach.... Make sure all screws are tight. Did you have it drained anytime soon. Maybe they didnt put the drain plug in nice and tight bottom driverside of the rad......... Do as much as you can before you take it in.

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    Replacing a rad is a relatively simple job that a DIYer can do alone or any shop should be able to do easily, it's trivial for a pro. Shop around and see which replacement radiator each shop proposes using. Koyo makes an OEM replacement unit, for example; the dealer will use the Subaru-provided Calsonic I'd assume (and for that reason alone I'd go to an independent, but that's just me). This is not a complicated job so find someplace not too expensive that you're comfortable with, or throw a pizza party at home with handy friends.
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