I bought a 2005 Impreza WRX, it was working fine. than i bought a SPT High flow Air Intake after instaling it the check engine light comes on and stalls while driving and here a qaucking noise after i accelerate. After coming back from Deployment i took it to the dealer ship they did a tune up and they told me they fixed the problem, after driving it for about 3 hrs it stalled again. I took it back to the dealership again and they made me pay $1025 to fix a pipe, after driving it home and driving it for like 5 hrs it stalls again.
I have a hypothesis that it might be the BOV, because it is an old aftermarket one where the small hose is connected and the big hose is sealed. would i need a new BOV to fix the problem? I already paid the Dealership $1900 to find out the problem and they still did not find it and it keeps giving them the same code and they are giving me the worst customer service ever, i am going to contact Subaru because of that.
Please Help Me out, with the holidays comming up i cant afford to keep paying the dealership when they are not fixing my problem.