I bought my 2002 wrx a couple weeks ago. Bone stock, except for a BOV. 120k.
It was runnung off of waistegate press., 6-7psi. I had some vaccuum lines that were wrong. My waistegate was plumbed directly into the pressure side of the impellor, and I found the restrictor pill next to the BOV. So I moved the pill into the vaccuum line coming off of the press. side of the turbo. I had HUGE boost, like 20+psi. So I flipped the pill around so the orface is in the opposite end. Then I had just over 16 psi. I was getting fuel cut off. Boost was all over the place. So I hit a few forums and was told mt pill was probibly wrong (an sti one)and I should have a 1.2mm pill. So mine was alot smaller, and I drilled out my pill to 1.2mm. Now it has about 12psi or so. A little low. I checked my boost control solonoid with 12v, cleaned it out, as well as my air flow sensor. No change. What is the oem restrictor pill size. I ordered one from Subaru in Vancouver and he said it will be .08mm. BIG dirrerence. Sort of hard to drill a smaller hole! Any other suggestions will help. Thanks
sorry for the novel