I was wondering if anyone could help me solve this mystery.

I left my '03 Rex on the street and didn't drive it for a few days. When I turned her on, the ventillation fan did not work at any of the switch positions 1-4. However, for switch postions 1-4, the AC light would turn on... so I figure, switch works, right?

Two, I check the fuses. Pull the interior AC, Blower fan (left and right) fuses, and they all appear to be good.

So I figure it's the fan. So I unplug the two prong plug from the side/bottom of the interior fan, and get my multimeter on the end of the plug looking for some sort of current...and NOTHING. There's no current in the plug side.

So if the fuses are good, the switch is good, why no power to the blower fan?