I own a 2002 WRX. A while back my "Check Engine" light came on and after checking the computer, it gave some codes that said Cylinders 1 and 3 were mis-firing. I've taken my car to 3 different places, one that was a Subaru dealership, and have got 3 different solutions. I've had it checked out and worked on 3 times and no one can figure it out. It's getting really anoying to take my car to Mechanics that "THINK" they know what they are talking about or "SAY" they can fix my car because its a simple problem.

I live in Pleasant Grove, UT and don't know of any real WRX mechanics around. If anyone has an idea on what to try or where I can find a real mechanic, it would be much appriciated. I'm not a car genious but SO want to learn more about WRXs.

The car runs fine, but every now and then you can feel the slight jerk from a mis-fire.

Any help would be great.