so my brakes worked fine when i got my new car. they were worn down so they needed replaced, but they were not "faulty". the calipers were fine, they pushed in and stayed in, the rotors were fine.

I did the rear pads and rotors, they were fine.

did the fronts, and now the passenger front brake, pops, you hear a pop, like it pops in or out and is stuck, and the tire, locks up and burns a little rubber for a split second.

i have been driving before this and they were fine, its not my calipers. it has something to do with the install. but we tried to do them all the same. lube them good.

could it be that little metal guide?
problem with the way we put them on?

also, the outside pad comes out easily, whereas the inside one u have to force it in a little, and force it out a little, when taking the pad off or putting it on.

please give input!