Big time idle problems
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    Big time idle problems

    I have a 3” exhaust no-cat back the whole nine yards, so I have a loud exhaust and I got a ticket from the police about it. Now to make the local cops happy I put in my silencer (for the 1st time ever) to keep them off my back for a few weeks. Then this is where my idle problems started, my car used to idle below one and it was a nice and smooth idle. Then after four to five days of having that silencer in my car started to idle just below 1 ½ rpm’s and then while it was idling all of sudden by itself it shot up to 2 for a few seconds and then go back down to 1 ½ . It did that like twice before it would settle just above one. I drove for it for like a day and half after that before I couldn’t take it anymore and I removed the silencer. It’s been about four days now and my idle is still messed up, it doesn’t idle under one anymore now it idles just above one and when it try’s to go under one the car sputters and it goes back. Also if I drive it for awhile and come to stop and have it in neutral the car idles at 1 ½ and starts to jump up to 2 and then it will come down, but I noticed if leave it in gear and start raise up on the clutch a little it will drop from 1 ½ and start to go down to 1. Also if I’m in 1st gear going low speed like in a parking lot it will go from 1 and shoot to 2 without me pressing harder on the gas and it will stay there until I shift and when I do shift the car will sputter and jump a little until I get it up to speed. This idle problem is driving me crazy cause I thought by removing the silencer the ECU would have went back to the way it idle before by now. I need to know is there a way I can rest my idle or should I take to someone. If some one can help with this problem thanks.

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    So I don't have much knowledge on the subject but I can take a stab. It may just be coincidence that you're idle happened to get messed up at the same time as the silencer going in, especially if pulling out the silencer didn't fix the problem. I remember reading about people having problems with their throttle cables getting stuck in the guide tubing, therefore causing high idles, so you might want to search around for that, and make sure your throttle cable can move freely.

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