hi! guys I searched all over the net and my workshop manual and can´t find a logical answer related to connecting rods:

I have a MY00 GC8 Impreza GT, engine code: EJ205NW, Situation: I`m re-building my engine after a mayor failure, one of the connecting rod is slightly scratch where the bearings go, I wanna purchase one, but when the guy show me the one he have was different where the piston pin go, mine is angled like this / \ <--pin go this way, and the one they show me is completly straight | |<--pin go this way...my brother told me, the one they are showing me is the one he have in his bugeye WRX (almost same engine as mine)...other difference is that mine is screw/nut, and they are stud/nut.

wich one is correct? will I have problem with mine? what subaru model is mine of?

thanks for any info